Frequently asked questions

A training log (or a workout log) is a record you keep of a workout. A good training log contains the exercises, number of sets, tempo and rest times for the workout. For each exercise set you should be able to record the weight and the number of reps performed. At a glance you should be able to see the weight x reps x sets that you were able to achieve last time.

You are more likely to stick with an exercise program if you have strategies to help stay motivated and on track. Keeping a log holds you accountable which is a powerful way to stay motivated. You maximize your strength training results by tracking your progress. Progressive overload is the foundation of strength training. Each workout you need to see that you're doing a little better. A little bit more. If you're serious about getting in shape, track your workouts.

My Training Logs is a strength training platform built for weight lifters, by a weight lifter. Everything is done through your web browser, so there is no software to download or install. Simply create a program, add your workouts, print your sheets and get to the gym. You don't need your phone out. It's a distraction. Also when iron meets glass, iron wins. Every time. Need music? We hear bluetooth works great.

Yes. As many as you want. You can also create exercise variants within a workout by adding a description. Such as Shoulder press - Sitting. Each account has a prebuilt list of strength training exercises to get you started.

Both. You can use it to generate your own workouts on the Personal plan (and also send workouts to 5 friends). Or upgrade to the Trainer plan and send workouts to 50 other people. If your trainer uses My Training Logs they will send you an invitation to join their account where you can view your workouts for free.

Yes, that is how we use it. Sometimes the old ways are still the best. If that bothers you My Training Logs might not be for you. There are plenty of app based trackers around. Go use one of those. Having said that, released workouts are responsive (meaning they adjust to fit your phone). If you want to be able to fill in your training logs though you will need to print them.

Like this (weight / reps for each set):

With the Personal plan as many as you are willing to pay for (see Pay As You Go pricing). On the Trainer plan you can generate an unlimited number of workouts.

On the the Personal plan you simply purchase credits as needed. A credit is used when you add a workout sheet. A credit is used when you send a workout sheet to somebody else.